Process – Thoughts on the Practice of Architecture

We begin a project without any preconceived notions of a solution. First we listen to our clients’ hopes and dreams for the project and then we spend time at the site in order to grasp its’ spirit. Only then do we begin to formulate our ideas.

Over the years, our most successful projects have been those where the client has been integrally involved in the creative process…A process that does not end with the initial Design Phase, but continues through the Construction Documents, Contract Negotiation, and Construction phases. Changes are made and details are refined throughout the entire timeline. In some respects, the design process never ends. Since life is not static, but is constantly evolving, we recognize that our work also continues to evolve. Our final task as architects is to allow the project room to change over time. We raise each of them as our children and then we let them go out into the world on their own.